Homie is a turtle and as such is clever, brave and strong. He is there to be that “big-brother” figure, someone whom you can trust to advise and guide you without any ulterior motive.

This site was established as a result of extensive research undertaken by the Homeless Foundation into the homeless pathway for young people living in Worcestershire in 2015.  We found that while there are some excellent services catering for homeless young people there is a significant gap in early preventative work.  Young people were not able to access information or advice to make informed choices when considering leaving home, what their options are and the realism of living independently.  We also recognise that some young people have no choice about leaving home, so to address this we have supplied tips for keeping safe, and guidance on support services.

While in real life turtles cannot stand on two feet, they are clever and very resilient. In 1968 the Russians took some turtles/tortoises into space to fly around the moon. The turtles survived this epic journey and were just really hungry when they got back.  Turtle shells inspired the ancient Roman military, with groups of soldiers forming a shell like structure with their shields to protect them when facing the enemy.   They have been around a long time – the oldest known sea turtle fossils date back about 150 million years. Turtles can hold their breath for a very (very, very) long time – up to 5 hours underwater and for a turtle home is where the heart is – turtles always go back to where they were born to lay their own eggs.

Our turtle ‘Homie’ depicts all of these attributes he is wise, inspiring, brave, caring and best of all he has his own home.


Who We Are

The Homeless Foundation is a registered charity which was formed in 2007 to help eradicate homelessness in the UK. We currently operate in the West Midlands, but plan to operate nationally in the future. Follow this link to see The Homeless Foundations website

We are registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission. Registration number  1122802.


Our Objective

The main objective of the Homeless Foundation as stated in our governing document is: “to relieve, either individually or generally, persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress on a National basis”.


Our Belief

We believe that a safe and secure home is a fundamental human need and the personal foundation from which people can build an independent life and fulfill their true potential. Our mission is to eradicate homelessness.


The Homeless Foundation would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their support in the development of this website:

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner

County Community Projects – CCP Worcestershire

Worcestershire YMCA

The Basement Project – Bromsgrove

Victim Support Service Worcestershire