Before you ask your child to leave the family home, think about whether you can really live with the decision.


Issues to consider include:

Eviction will have painful consequences, e.g. your child may choose to break off all contact.

Your decision may have a devastating impact on your child’s future career plans.

They may have to drop out of school or university and get work to support themselves.

They may not be able to support themselves.

Their job may not pay enough money to cover expenses.

They may not easily get a job.

People aged 18 to 21 may have trouble renting a place because of their age. They may have to rely on the charity of friends, extended family or strangers.

You may be forcing homelessness upon your child, which includes many dangers such as being exploited, crime and drug use.

Seek professional help for your family’s troubles. Your doctor is always a good starting point for information and referral or there are lots of good websites for parents and helplines that offer support and advice.


Things to remember

  • Try to solve the problem if your child wants to leave home because of a fight or other family difficulty.
  • Offer support and practical help like budget advice, or some furniture and household items to get them started.
  • Let your child know you support their decision and make sure they know your door will always be open.
  • You are not alone, most parents of teenagers/young adults will have had some of the same difficulties as you.