Living on your own is not easy. One third of 16-25 year olds fail in the first year of their tenancy. The biggest problem faced by young people living on their own is managing their money. You need to think carefully about whether you can afford to move out as failing in your first tenancy can make it hard to get housed in the future.


If you are single, aged between 16 and 25 and on benefits you will only get housing benefit for the cost of a single room in a shared house. In Worcestershire this is about £68 per week. The cheapest private rented properties are around £95 per week.  From 2017 anyone aged between 18 and 21 years old will not automatically be entitled to housing benefit.

Check how much Housing Benefit will you get?

If you’re single and under 35 you can only get enough Housing Benefit to pay for one room in shared accommodation.

If you rent privately, the maximum amount of housing benefit you can get is based on how many bedrooms you’re entitled to and the housing allowance rates in your area.   To check how many bedrooms you are entitled to follow this link to see what your local housing allowance rate is follow this link

If your rent is more you will have to make up the difference yourself.

If you live in social housing (council or housing association), then the maximum amount of Housing Benefit you can get will be the same as the rent that you pay.

If you receive income-based JSA, income-based ESA or Income Support, you will receive the maximum amount of Housing Benefit for the amount of rooms you are entitled to for the area that you live in.

If you get into rent arrears it can lead to eviction from your property.


Try to work out your budget before you decide to move out. Think about how you can get the most money possible coming in (claiming the right benefits, working extra hours in your job), work out the cost for your rent and other household bills against your income. Use our example budget sheet to work out your budget.

For information on what you would be entitled to if you are not in work go to