“My life would be easier if I move out”.

This is a MYTH believed by many young people who are experiencing a relationship breakdown at home with their parents/carers. Young people who have left home would disagree with this.

Many of the young people who have left home don’t consider things like having enough money, housework, living with people you don’t know. How are you going to furnish your new home? What happens if your friends want to have parties all the time? You may have your independence but a reduced social life.

In fact, the majority of young people don’t leave home until they are around 24 years of age.

What are the pros and cons of leaving home?  How much is done for you now? Are there things you have never done before? Would you know how to do them?

Running your own household?

You need to be aware of the household skills needed to run a successful home and what it takes to run a household. Let’s take a look at your current skills.

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If you score highly, you are more likely to manage independent living.  Don’t worry if your score is low, these are all skills that you can learn easily, but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to move out immediately.

However, you don’t need to live in a house with constant arguing but moving out is not the only option. There are other things that could help

  • Try to explain to your parents how you feel, but pick your moment i.e. not when you’ve just got all D’s in your exams….
  • If possible have some agreed ‘time out’, stay at another family members for a few days until things cool down.
  • Talk to someone else to get support, e.g. Nan, Auntie or Uncle. Having a third party there can help to minimise arguments and disagreements. It can also help to have someone looking at the situation from outside who may be able to provide a way forward (Mediation services are really good at doing this).

The Worcestershire Nightstops and the Basement Project offer a mediation service as well as some Early Help services. We have listed services that can offer mediation to you and your family:


South Worcestershire Nightstop – 01684 579349

Wyre Forest Nightstop – 01562 743111

Redditch Nightstop – T: 01527 66036

The Basement Project – 01527 832993. Free texting service, Text Help Base to 62277.

Early Help services – 01684 579349