Here are some tips for staying safe and healthy on the streets:

Try and find somewhere sheltered away from the wind or rain.

Stay protected from the cold and wind with a blanket or sleeping bag.

Do not sleep directly on the ground but on a sheet or blanket if you can.

Try and stay in a place that outreach teams visit. They may bring free food, water and blankets. They can also give you advice or take you to the nearest shelter if there is room.

Remain with a group of people to stay safer  but avoid public places and interaction with the general public which can sometimes result in you being the victim of violence or abuse.

If you do find people in the same circumstances where you can all sleep as a group, don’t feel pressured into doing anything you aren’t comfortable with. If you don’t feel safe, then don’t stay with them.

Getting medical treatment if you are sleeping rough can be difficult, although you are still entitled to register with a doctor. If you are sick, some surgeries have drop-in centres or a nurse may visit a local outreach centre. If it is an emergency, call 999 or visit your local hospital’s accident and emergency unit.

It may be a good idea to store any belongings you have at a local day centre, if the facility is available. This reduces the chance of being robbed or threatened on the street.

Find out about your local outreach centres, day centres and charity services for the homeless. They will be your best chance of finding accommodation or getting advice on how you can get yourself off the street.

The Basement Project in Bromsgrove provide a Drop In Centre and Floating Support for young people in and around North Worcestershire who are homeless or facing homelessness. You can call them on 01527 832993 or e mail

In Worcester City there is a day centre called Maggs based on College Street. You can find the opening hours on their website