Usually you have to be considered ‘legally homeless’ before you get help. But what does that mean? If you’re worried about your living situation, here’s how to tell if the council has to house you.

You should be considered homeless if:

  • You have no home in the UK or anywhere else in the world.
  • You have no home where you can live together with your immediate family.
  • You can only stay where you are on a very temporary basis (sofa surfing).
  • You don’t have permission to live where you are.
  • You have been locked out of home and you aren’t allowed back (family breakdown).
  • You can’t live at home because of violence or threats of violence that are likely to be carried out against you or someone else in your household (it’s not safe to live at home).
  • It isn’t reasonable for you to stay in your home for any reason (for example, if your home is in very poor condition).
  • You can’t afford to stay where you are.
  • You live in a vehicle or on a boat and you have nowhere to park or moor it.

If you think that you meet one or more of these indicators you need to go to your local council or get help from one of the housing support services in Worcestershire to find your nearest support service click here.

You can use Shelters emergency housing rights checker to see what help you qualify for in England.

The law says everyone has the right to make a homeless application to the council.  If they think you are intentionally homeless, they will need to prove it and should look at your whole situation before they make a decision.